Vendor Review for Medicaid Vendor Partner Readiness

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Rx>Patient engagement, MTM, Network development / management

What they do

A medication therapy management services administrator focused on the appropriate use of medications to achieve desired health outcomes. They train network providers to deliver MTM services at local, chain and independent pharmacies.

Self-stated value proposition

OutcomesMTM®, a Cardinal Health company, connects your members with pharmacists in their communities at retail pharmacies, physician clinics or long term care facilities – leveraging local relationships to improve medication outcomes. To you, as our health plan partner, the Face-to-Face Difference means close collaboration, open communication and flexibility in designing and running your MTM program.

OutcomesMTM® designs MTM services to meet CMS requirements, address quality measures, reduce healthcare costs and improve the outcomes of members’ medication therapies.



Annual Revenues

Estimated @ $35M

# employees

Estimated @ 75