At a Glance

  • Revenue decrease; EBIDTA decrease
  • Expecting enrollment growth in 4 key current markets

Rolling 12 months financials

Stock Performance

Earnings Call Summary

Latest available call date: 7/31/2019

  • 88.3 MLR for Q2.
  • Medicaid margins are on the high end of expectations, with strong performance for Medicaid expansion rate cell revenues.
  • D-SNP and MMP revenues had an 85% MLR.
  • Ohio market saw spike in MLR due to introduction of behavioral health benefit and an increase in average risk profile after the state conducted an eligibility re-verification effort.
  • Enrollment growth is expected in MS, IL, WA and UT.
  • Continue to get better at quality withholds in Medicaid markets. Projecting continued Medicaid margin of 3%.
  • Most Medicaid growth is expected to come from existing markets in next year (vs new RFP wins).