CVS (Aetna)

At a Glance

  • Strong revenue increase; slight EBIDTA increase
  • 1st issue reporting on combined organization
  • Trading volume down; market price up at end of quarter
  • Aetna implementing new contracts in FL and KS
  • CVS piloting NovoLogix solution with Aetna members in 14 states

Rolling 12 months financials

Stock Performance

Note: reporting CVS stock. Aetna stock exited exchanges Dec. 2018.

Earnings Call Summary

Last call available: 8/7/2019

  • Launched 14-state pilot with Aetna members for use of NovoLogix platform (clinical decision support)
  • YOY increased revenue mostly driven by Aetna addition
  • PBM growth partially offset by decreases in LTC and Retail lines of business
  • FL Medicaid win for Aetna (July)
  • KS Medicaid Aetna win being implemented