Automated Health Systems

Vendor Review for Medicaid Vendor Partner Readiness

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TPA / Business Process Outsourcing with focus in enrollment/provider services

What they do

​Business process outsourcing for states

Self-stated value proposition

Automated Health Systems is the leader and enlightened choice in the promotion and management of optimal health care services for low-income families and communities.
As an employee-centered corporation, we partner our expertise in the administration of statewide public health programs with consumers, health professionals, and public and private funding sources.

While pioneering computer applications that coordinate care and fully integrate medical and social services, we maintain a personalized approach to consumer and provider communities which combines culturally sensitive outreach and education with advocacy for primary and preventive quality care.

AHS has provided program development and administration services specifically related to enrollment, outreach and education in partnership with state administered healthcare programs. Our operations, including enrollment brokering, call center administration and eligibility services, are devoted primarily to underserved populations.



Annual Revenues

Estimated @ $25M

# employees

Estimated @ 700