Lesson 2: SNP Market Landscape

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Lesson Goal


For you to become familiar with the SNP market and related trends.

Lesson Summary


There are about 2.5M enrollees in MA-SNPs as of 2019. The national MA-SNP market has continued to grow since SNPs were first created in 2010. A small number of insurance companies dominate this market.

The Big Topics in This Lesson


1- Understanding overall size of the SNP market

The information under this topic covers basic information about trends in enrollment and plans.

2- Understanding which insurance carriers have the most market share

The information under this topic explains which insurers have been most successful in gaining leading positions in the SNP market.

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Lesson Q & A


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Q1: How large is the SNP market?


There are approximately 2.5M SNP members nationwide. As seen in the chart above, the majority of these members are in D-SNPs.

Q2: What have been the trends in SNP plans offered?


Looking at recent trends, there continues to be growth in the D-SNP and I-SNP segments. A contraction of C-SNPs was observed in the most recent data.

Q3: What insurance carriers have the most market share?

The SNP market is very consolidated. The Top 10 health insurers enroll 73% of all members.

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