Director of Admissions, Social Services and Medical Records

Rouse Estate

Under general direction, ensures maximum bed utilization, efficient coordination of the admissions process between disciplines and effective transfers and discharges of residents; to promote good public relations within the community to enhance the facility’s image and inform the public of services provided by the Rouse Warren County Home. Coordinates and oversees all responsibilities of Direct Reports. Oversight of the day-to-day operations of the Admissions, Social Services, and Medical Records departments managing the following staff: RN Clinical Liaison, Internal Admissions Coordinator, Medical Records Coordinator, Medical Records Secretary, and Social Workers.




In coordination with Clinical Liaison, regularly travel regionally to facilities in order to establish and maintain professional working relationships with social workers, discharge planners, case managers, insurance providers, physicians and other service providers for seniors. Keep these constituents informed of admission availability, new programs and services or events occurring at the Rouse Home. On a continuing basis, initiate contacts and ensure good relations with area hospitals and social service agencies to maintain maximum bed utilization.
In response to potential consumers and interested community groups and individuals, ensure that daily phone calls, emails and facility tours are facilitated.
In conjunction with Marketing Director, coordinate public presentations at facility functions and related press releases intended to communicate the Rouse Warren County Home’s purpose and philosophy; maintain a high level of visibility in the community.
Ensure the quality and availability of brochures and other materials representing the purpose, philosophy and services of the facility. Update as needed in accordance with changes.
Attend daily Medicare Meeting at the Home to update team regarding potential admissions and status and to obtain information pertaining to Medicare or service ending notifications that may be required.
Assist as needed to maintain and insure the implementation of admissions policies and procedures; update annually or as required by changing regulations.
Work with Clinical Liaison to determine appropriateness/medical necessity of admissions to the Rouse Home.
In coordination with Finance Department, research and advise potential residents and/or responsible parties as to Medicare or Medicaid eligibility, right of demand bill, level of care needed.
Communicates effectively regarding potential admissions to appropriate Rouse Estate staff. Arrange for conference calls as needed. Schedule admission dates/times. Facilitates hand off of resident and responsible party to Internal Admissions Coordinator in order that mutually agreeable time for admission paperwork can be completed in a timely manner.
Coordinate preparations for UMR surveys that are scheduled at the Rouse Home.
Assist with Department of Health/VA and other surveys as needed.
Assists NHA in Addressing concerns of residents and families as necessary.
Develop and ensure the implementation of Social Services program that identifies, documents, and effectively responds to the individual psychosocial needs of residents and their families. Provide leadership and guidance to the Social Services staff in the coordination of interdisciplinary care and treatment efforts to promote the optimum level of physical and mental functions and minimize emotional/social problems of all residents.
Develop, implement, and maintain policies and procedures which ensure effective case management and protection of residents’ rights; the accurate, timely documentation of Social Services activities; effective coordination with other departments in providing high quality, interdisciplinary care planning/treatment; and adherence to Department of Health and other state and federal regulations; review annually and update as required.
Supervise the case management of all residents.
Coordinate and process the medical records of all residents, current and past, to ensure and continually uphold compliance within the medical records and coding guidelines set forth by the Department of Health, Medicare, Medicaid, and any other regulatory agency, as well as uphold the highest quality of standards in accordance with the standard Medical Records and ICD Coding guidelines and the overall compliance policies of the Rouse Warren County Home.
Ensure that all progress notes, intervention notes and discharge plans are documented on each resident’s medical record in a timely, informative, and confidential manner.
Approves requests for time off and completes payroll actions for the Admissions Department, Social Services Department and Medical Records Department according to Rouse policy/procedure.
In conjunction with the Human Resources department, ensure the highest caliber staff is recruited, properly oriented, developed, and retained.
Establish goals for all direct reports and conduct performance evaluations at least annually
Initiate and complete various departmental audits/reports. Reports/Attendance required: Tracking of Admissions, Medicare Meeting, UMR, A/R Review, Strategic Planning and Subcommittees, Provider Meetings at Hospitals, Monthly Active Waiting List Report, OBRA Reports and 408 Forms for targeted individuals, Quality Assurance Meetings, others as required.
Assists NHA in staff interviews and selection of staff.
Mentors staff, identifies need for training and development of staff and completes annual staff reviews.
Performs special projects and duties assigned.


Education – BS/BA degree in Business Administration preferred or equivalent experience in long-term care.


Experience – Must have a minimum of three (3) years of experience in long-term care with working knowledge of insurance, Medicare and Medicaid regulations, as well as skilled nursing care and intermediate care levels.

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